Working with a client

As soon as your application is successful, we will forward your profile to our client. You manage the further application process independently via slack. We will gladly support you in this process.


After we have forwarded your application to our client, the contact person has the possibility to arrange a telephone interview with you. You coordinate the appointment for the interview independently in your job channel via Slack. The aim is to give the client a better impression of your skills and your previous projects. Furthermore you can discuss the general project details and the specifications on a professional level. At the end of the conversation you and the customer know exactly what to expect in case of a cooperation.


If you both can imagine collaborating after the interview, you will sign a contract directly with the client. In contrast to classical personnel service providers, you have a direct contractual agreement with the client. If you have any further questions concerning the contract, we recommend the use of our contract check in our member area.


In order to keep the risk of Scheinselbständigkeit as low as possible, we check every service description of the client. During a personal needs analysis, we check whether the client's project is suitable for the use of a freelancer. If the client fulfills these requirements, we post the project offer in one of our job channels. By doing this, we try to make the further contract design as legally secure as possible for you. Of course we cannot check the actual situation at the client's site. Should you notice that your project is a bogus self-employment, we can give you the contact details of a lawyer we work with.