Job arrangements

You will see two types of jobs on our platform: direct and through a middleman


Most of the jobs that we post on Uplink are from clients who want to work directly with a freelancer - no recruiters, agencies, or other middlemen involved. You will sign a contract with the client and write your invoices to the client as well, without Uplink being involved after the introduction phase.

For this kind of job, we charge a commission of 10% for the first six month of working with the client.


Other clients are looking for a freelancer to work for one of their end customers. These clients are mostly agencies, consulting companies, or a recruiter. (see our cooperation with Modis)

Most of the time, the freelancer will sign a contract with the client, send their invoices to the client, but the daily work will be at the end customer's office (or remote). Alternatively, the freelancer might work with colleagues employed by the client, or other freelancers, on a project for the end customer. Specific details about this will be mentioned in the job posts.

For this kind of job, we sometimes do not charge our commission, if we have a separate agreement with the client. In those cases, you will keep 100% of the rate that you invoice to the client.