Direct jobs

Our favorite jobs - posted by the Uplink team and you'll work directly for the client, no middleman involved!

Direct jobs are the ones we have been publishing since the beginning of (Uplink) time. We talk directly to the client who is looking for a freelancer, post their job, and introduce matching candidates directly to them as well. The candidate that ends up getting the job will make a contract directly with the client as well, and the invoices will also be issued by the candidate to the client.

For this kind of job, we charge a commission of 10% for the first six month of working with the client.

Our contract

When you apply for a direct job for the first time, we will ask you to sign a contract. We tried to keep it as simple as possible. It basically contains the commission arrangement and some other tidbits in Legalese.

What happens if there are multiple matching candidates?

With most clients, we agree to only introduce one candidate at a time. Only if the client rejects a candidate will we introduce the next one.

This means that, if there are multiple candidates and – based on what we know about the client, project, and candidates – they are equally well suited for the job, we have to pick one and tell the other ones that we will not introduce them for now. Everything else being equal, we apply the "first come, first serve" principle: if you applied to the job earlier than another candidate, and you're both a good match, you will be introduced first.

We try to avoid these situations altogether by closing a job for new applications as soon as we feel that we have enough candidates to choose from. Whether is is after two, three, or more candidates is always a decision we have to take on a case-by-case basis.