Applying for a job

Our aim is to make it fast and convenient for you to apply to a job by automating all repetitive parts.

You can apply for a job either through one of the job channels in Slack or through the list of open jobs in the member area. In both cases, a private Slack channel will be created, where you can ask follow-up questions and send us all necessary info for your application.

If you choose not to be a member of our Slack workspace, you can still let us know that you are interested in a job through the member area, and we will contact you via email. Since this takes more time than going through our automated Slack workflow and is more error prone (emails with job descriptions tend to get stuck in the spam folder), we politely ask you to use Slack when applying for jobs, even if you dislike it! 😃

Our contract

When you apply for a job for the first time, you will be asked to sign a contract with us. We tried to keep the contract as simple as possible. It basically contains the commission arrangement and some other tidbits in Legalese.

Application process

The whole process consists of these steps:

  1. You show interest in one of the published jobs or we contact you explicitly about it.

  2. You ask any follow-up questions you might have and - if you're still interested - fill out the application form, which has four sections:

    • What makes this job appealing to you? What makes you a good candidate? Describe briefly your experiences with the mentioned skills.

    • When and for how long would you be available for this job? How many days a week could you work on it?

    • What is your preference regarding onsite vs. remote work? Do you have fixed requirements or can you adjust to the client's needs?

    • What is your hourly/daily rate for this job? (including the Uplink fee)

  3. We check your application and decide whether you're a good match for the client, and possibly ask you some follow-up questions.

  4. We introduce you to the client. They will receive an email with a link to your profile in the company backend and you will receive a Slack message with the information included in your profile.

  5. The client can now access your profile for the next 48 hours (why?) and needs to decide within that period whether to schedule an interview with you or not. If they are interested in an interview, they can suggest up to three times that would work for them, and you will receive these via Slack.

  6. You can then either accept one of the suggested interview times or make a counter-proposal. In both cases, an email will be sent to both you and the client with that information.

After that point, we are not directly involved anymore, but of course always available for questions and happy to help out if problems should occur. Once you have finished the interview, we ask you to let us know how it went and what the next steps are.

What happens if there are multiple matching candidates?

With most clients we agree to only introduce one candidate at a time. Only if the client rejects a candidate will we introduce the next one.

This means that, if there are multiple candidates and – based on what we know about the client, project, and candidates – they are equally well suited for the job, we have to pick one and tell the other ones that we will not introduce them for now. Everything else being equal, we apply the "first come, first serve" principle: if you applied to the job earlier than another candidate, and you're both matching candidates, you will be introduced first.

We try to avoid these situations altogether by closing a job for new applications as soon as we feel that we have enough candidates to choose from. Whether is is after two, three, or more candidates is always a decision we have to take on a case-by-case basis.